Definition of Art by Vassura

Analogical Formalism

Analogy of Genesis 1:1

Art in all its forms shows us a superior principle.  Something that goes beyond the appearance.  It shows us the thoughts in their original shape which give origin to the ideas.  Ideas together with the talent, the natural gift, are an aptitude of the mind which define the work of art.

Originality has to be, consequently, the first property of art.  Art is a whole of ideas plus talent producing without fixed regulations.  In this way Kant and Hegel defined art.

I would like to cite G. Giraldi by adding that art forms are not spontaneous but demand research, a studied action and creativity in their composition.  He continues by saying that only the artist knows art, can put judgment on it and criticize it because he is doing it.  The viewer can only try to understand it, try to discover forms and content.

I think that only through “analogical formalism” art and the artist are able to survive and to compete against the technology and the conditioning of our times.

The economic power is drowning us in cultural stupidity….technologically destructive of any human value on behalf of the mechanic, the electronic, in the name of an increasing profit for the few and to the benefit of even fewer.

Only through “analogical formalism” can art, who does not own the communications and persuasive media of today, be noticed and appreciated.

A composite esthetical creation with sensations which are perceptive, analytical and constructive of the work becomes an art expression creating the “analogical formalism.”

An objective reality independent of single sensibilities a work of art with a proper life, which goes beyond the physical aspect, a construction obtained by the form in movement essential to the fulfillment of the process.