Artistic Process

My Artistic Process………………..

Taro Card - The Fool and the Magician
Taro Card – The Fool and the Magician

I fill up the void with the imaginary, I use the experience, which is the foundation of knowledge.  I try to pass on ideas received through sensibilities and reflections.  I create the art work following the imagination and the vibration coming from the thought process.  I put together shapes created by the analogy, I obtain new combinations, new forms and build new space following the laws of visibility.  I give new life to the structures already used.  I assert and corroborate the words of the Latin poet, Horace who said “callida juncture redid novum.”

For me art is construction, I build with already used means, I develop analogies, creating combinations without limits.  Forms and colours are the essence of my artistic expression.  My works have an imaginary point, analogically centered where lines, surfaces and masses are perfectly arranged.  The essence is not only in the artistic value but in the organization of the forms who are in existence before, during and after the artistic event.

With my work I am attempting to move the apathy and the lack of interest of today’s society for the human activities which are and remain the pillars of humanism and culture.  I try to be an innovator not a follower, developing my own talent, which according to Kant is a natural gift.  Original attitude of the mind, producer without boundaries having the originality and the uniqueness as my total priority.

I am the analogical formalism.

To understand the unfolding of my work it is necessary to have a knowledge of my journey, my search of the original freedom, in a magical and unreal space as a result of an interior quest through memory and meditation.

Like a nomad of modern times I lived and worked from country to county, from continent to continent similar to the prehistoric man who, for survival, had to follow the herds on their way to migration becoming a migrant himself.  I followed my instinct in the journey throughout time and memory looking for the original truth ready to pursue it as far as necessary.  From the industrial culture to which, for existential reasons, I actively participated I sorted out the analogy as connection and principal element between cultures.

Leaving behind the industrial world and after years of studies and enquiries, in absolute liberty, I rediscovered the primary art and the original freedom.

Decades of relationships and experiences with other cultures have revealed the differences in everyone in order to initiate a new and homogeneous culture which through the analogical process of the industrial culture gives origin to a heterogeneous progressive evolution, creative bridge between equality and diversity or vice versa from diversity to equality.

I realized that the human spirit even after being conditioned, forgotten but alive, the original being is still there, un-submitted to the conformity of life, to the obligations and the impositions of the systems, pure and original with only one desire, to regain the lost liberty and to turn back towards the origins.

Free, finally free, I show myself in my works of art and through analogy I become creative.  I bind myself to the past and to the present, releasing a proper form of expression, living actual life, offering near and far memories, giving breath to my own cultural life which every time begins and recreates works analogically bound to the infinite cycle of the artistic pursuit.

What Motivates Me…………………………………

Regardless of anguish, lack of understanding and lack of interest I move towards freedom……………….and thanks to the fulfilment of the achieved task I am supported by it and accomplish closure.

Once the work is finished and the goal is reached I get ready for a new departure…………………. and the cycle continues.